How To Create A Leaner More Energised You

As a health coach I’ll be helping people gain weight (muscle), increase their energy, if it’s their goal lose weight, and also improve their health and wellbeing.  I will tell you that The World Health Organisation has stated that 70% of our illnesses are caused by poor nutrition.
We’ll have a good laugh and also learn some things.   The tanita scales (for those who want to know their readings) are done barefoot, and in a private area.  So if you want to redo your nail polish (!) go for it, ladies avoid wearing tights for speed. Everything is confidential unless you choose to share it.
Boost your nutrition.

Boost your nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Herbalife 24 range is, I believe, the best sports nutrition you can get.  It’s so important to prefuel, fuel during and post fuel for any event, especially long-distance.
We sponsor Cristiano Ronaldo (just finished 5 year sponsorship with FC Barcelona and Leo Messi – they liked our charity work as well as the products), David Beckham, Ospreys Rugby – and loads of individual athletes, including the world’s strongest man!
There are increasing amount of endurance athletes, including triathletes using the range.   Even 2% dehydration causes 25% drop in strength, so it’s so important for sports performance to get fuelling right.
I’m happy to talk about sports nutrition.
Have a look at the link below.
The woman who won the Ironman comp in california is on the frontpage at the mo, go girl!


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