We provide Workshops for between 3-5 people with specific requirements, ideal within the work space or for friends to share and gain from experience. Some of the topics covered:  Dressing for success, dressing for a more diminutive you, how to look good for your age and shape, how to apply makeup for you age and skin type, dressing for you budget, hair colour and style. Maintaining health and vitality in order to project a fresh and vibrant image.

Workshops are more intense and need the candidates to be open to wanting change.

Workshops are also ideal for men who can really flounder in the realm of style, being in a more intimate setting of a workshop they are then less shy with regard to discussing how their dress sense, hairstyle and facial hair may reflect their personality or ability to do a job – as repeated style is a form of communication.

Both men and women need to admit that they need to change their mode of dress and routine and they age this is discussed and needs identified. Life markers such as changes in opportunity and responsibilities demand changes in how we communicate ourselves to others.

lond swimmerThis is a procedure to identify what is personally needed, can this be accomplished alone or   change guided by the expertise of Personal Image One-to-One Personal Image consultancy?

By taking part in either or both training and workshop you will have a clear vision of what you need to tweek or change within your personal style, if you have no vision and feel out of your depth then you are a good candidate for one-to-one consultancy.